Filmfest 2011

"Welcome to the private, whimsical world of Otar Iosseliani," begins Dan Fainaru in Screen. "Access permitted only for those who share his constant thirst for any liquid containing alcohol, the stronger the better, for his ironic outlook on the world around him and his immense sympathy for the human race, despite its countless shortcomings.... Unbelievers would better stay away, for they will never quite grasp the spirit of this satirical sketch, autobiographical to be sure, though, as Iosseliani himself points out, reflecting not only his own past (he claims to have been luckier than the film's hero), but that of many others, from Alexander Askoldov to Andrei Tarkovsky." MUBI "Offering an affectionately ironic look at both filmmaking and everyday life in Soviet Georgia, CHANTRAPAS is light but satisfying fare for the cultured or cinema-literate." Hollywood Reporter

tags: Feature film

Cast: David Tarielashvili, Nika Endeladze, Tamuna Karumidze, Fanny Gonin, Bulle Ogier


Director: Otar Iosseliani