Cheburashka - Gena the Crocodile
Filmfest 2011

German Age Rating

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In the Soviet Union in 1969, long before Perestroika, an animated film adaptation of Eduard Upsensky children’s book "Crocodile Gena and His Friends" was produced. Entitled "Crocodile Gena", the stop motion production was directed by master filmmaker Roman Kachanov. The tender, uplifting story and charming characters were embraced not only by Russian but also international audiences and the film became a much loved work. This is a precise recreation of the original "Crocodile Gena". Mysterious creature Cheburashka arrives in Russia, packed in an orange crate. A fruit shopkeeper takes Cheburashka to a zoo but they refuse to accept him because nobody can identify what he is. As a result, Cheburashka takes refuge in a telephone booth and begins his new life there. In the same neighborhood lives a crocodile named Gena, whose profession is being a "crocodile" at the local zoo. While spending lonely days by himself, Gena decides to post "Friend Wanted" flyers around the town. Cheburashka meets kindly Gena by chance and through their encounter they come up with a fun idea to build a "home for friends", where they gather all the other lonely residents in town. d-rights Inc., Tokyo Shown as part of the kids' short film screening "Kurzes für Kleine".

tags: Short film

Cast: Nozomi Ohashi Cheburashka


Director: Makoto Nakamura