The Magicians
Filmfest 2011

German Age Rating

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The Magicians Ben Stikker is eight years old and so impressed by the disappearing trick of master illusionist Hans Smid that he’s willing to do anything to discover its secret. So he takes magic lessons. His charming but extremely clumsy father Koos becomes so enthused that he joins in, and soon the Stikker & Son Magic Show is born. The problem is that Ben is much more talented than his father, but Koos doesn’t notice this at all. With his overconfidence, Koos makes Ben’s school friend and charming magic show assistant Sylvie disappear - but he can’t make her appear again. With Sylvie missing, everyone holds Koos responsible: his own wife Laura, Sylvie’s mother, the police, and the press. It's now even more important for Ben to discover the secret of the disappearing act. Not only does he have to find Sylvie, but he also has to save his parents’ marriage and keep his father out of the hands of the press and the police. Ben tries to make a deal with Hans Smid. But a real magician never reveals his secrets…

tags: Feature film

Cast: Thor Braun, Theo Maassen, Java Janzen, Chantal Janzen, Daan Schuurmans


Director: Joram Lürsen