Jean Gentil
Filmfest 2011

After he is dismissed as a French teacher, Jean, a middle-aged Haitian, embarks on a desperate quest for work in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. He sets out with a large shopping bag looking for a place in the world and a reason to carry on. During his journey on foot, he passes a building site where he can start work, but he would rather do something that is more intellectually demanding. Jean is given all the room he needs to make the transition from the large and continually growing city to the peace of the countryside. The changing surroundings are like a character in themselves. The Dominican Laura Amelia Guzmán and the Mexican Israel Cárdenas worked with non-professional actors. The beauty of the island is not able to mask the worries of the inhabitants. International Film Festival Rotterdam

tags: Feature film

Cast: Jean Remy Genty, Yanmarco King Encarnación, Paul Henri Presumé, Nadal Walcott, Lys Ambroise


Director: Laura Amelia Guzmán, Israel Cárdenas