All Night Long
Filmfest 2011

German Age Rating

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ALL THE NIGHT LONG In 1950, Ava Gardner came to Spain to film PANDORA and THE FLYING DUTCHMAN in Tossa de Mar. It was the first time the actress had been out of the United States and the first time the residents of that small fishing town on the Costa Brava had seen such a large number of foreign visitors. In her memoirs, Ava Gardner wrote: "Out of all the damned films I’ve made, PANDORA may be the least famous, but there are few things that have had such an influence on me. That movie changed my life." Ava felt identified with Spain’s oppressed and dynamic society and saw it as the perfect escape route from her life as a Hollywood star which she was starting to hate. Ava Gardner returned to Spain three years later. Her marriage to Frank Sinatra was on the rocks. After briefly joining Sinatra, who was touring in Europe, Ava finally decided to move to Madrid. ALL THE NIGHT LONG focuses on the films she made during that period of her life, including THE NIGHT OF THE IGUANA, THE BAREFOOT CONTESSA and 55 DAYS AT PEKING with Charlton Heston, whom she could not stand.
With: Lucía Bosé, Jack Cardiff, Jaime Chávarri, Ariadna Gil, Charo López

tags: Documentary


Director: Isaki Lacuesta