Filmfest 2011

A father and his son spend a whole day in the woods. They fish, talk, check the status of their relationship. The father perceives in the answers of his son an autonomy of thought and a lucidity of analysis that surprise and sadden him. The boy has reacted to the separation of his parents by becoming closer to his mother, with whom he lives. But inside, he is saddened by his father’s absence. Maybe the tears will succeed in diluting the painful memories and sealing this important moment of reunion, an implicit attempt at shortening the distance between them, making up for the misunderstandings and regaining lost time. "A film of suggestive images, evocative sounds, lyrical connections and secret intermittences of the heart whose symbolic value elaborates a story that has not been made by strictly consequential events. Or not only." Sindacato Nationale Critici Cinematografici Italiani

tags: Feature film

Cast: Milivoj Ros, Sandi Salomon


Director: Vlado Škafar