Good Luck Finding Yourself
Filmfest 2014

German Age Rating

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From a 68-year-old icon and advocate of free love to an individual searching for the true meaning of life: author Jutta Winkelmann travels to India after being diagnosed with cancer. She is accompanied by long-time friend Rainer Langhans and other members of the Munich-based commune known as the 'Harem'. Their journey takes them from the Himalayas over Varanasi, the holy city of India, to Kerala, and includes heartfelt moments, intense ashram experiences, crises of health and near quarrels. Approaching death is the occasion, pure being the motivation, and the pilgrimage a homage to our existence. Surrounded by gurus, Ganges pilgrims, sari dealers and holy cows, Jutta Winkelmann makes the decision to come alive again. Together, the special group of travelers embarks on a sensational search for happiness and inner peace.
schöne neue filme

tags: Aging, Documentary, Family, Journey, Spirituality

With: Jutta Winkelmann, Rainer Langhans, Christa Ritter, Brigitte Streubel


Screenplay: Severin Winzenburg

Director of Photography: Severin Winzenburg

Film Editor: Miriam Märk

Composer: Martin X. Miller

Sound: Martial Kuchelmeister

Producer: Alexander Krötsch

Production Company: schöne neue filme.

Co-Producer: Felix Kempter, Heiner Stadler, Claudia Gladziejewski

Distributor: Alpenrepublik GmbH

Director: Severin Winzenburg