The Star Talers
Filmfest 2011

German Age Rating

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THE STAR TALERS is loosely based on the fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm. Mina is an eleven-year-old girl who undertakes a long and dangerous journey all by herself to rescue her parents from the clutches of an evil king who is holding them as serfs. On the way, she meets Master Flix, a small dog who is able to talk with children who have a pure heart. Together, they encounter an unhappy woodsman, a mysterious ferryman and a mother who has lost her child. Mina, with her kind and honest disposition, is able to soften the hardest of hearts. She and Master Flix eventually reach the castle, where they are received by the callous king. He tells Mina that she can have her parents back - but only if she succeeds in fulfilling an impossible task. It seems Mina has met her match in the unrelenting monarch - but this wouldn't be a fairy tale if it didn't have an ending in which everybody lived happily ever after.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Juliane Köhler, Thomas Loibl, Gruschenka Stevens, Rufus Beck, Meira Durand


Director: Maria von Heland