Cairo - Exit
Filmfest 2011

When 18-year-old Amal becomes pregnant, she struggles with the choice between absconding to Greece with her beloved Muslim boyfriend and staying in Cairo with her Coptic Orthodox Christian family. But when her motorbike gets stolen and she's fired from her job, Amal must reevaluate her future options as an unmarried young mother in Egypt. Tribeca Film Festival "This film is about choices and individuality. Each character must make up his or her mind by the end, and they have to choose what is good for themselves, regardless of the social consequences. I was trying to paint a true picture of Egyptian daily life... There’s hope in Egypt now. Democracy is very tough. I keep telling my friends in Egypt: we have to accept people we don’t like, we have to accept different opinions, we have to accept mentalities that we dislike… But I feel optimistic about Egypt." Hesham Issawi

tags: Feature film

Cast: Marihan, Mohamed Ramadan


Director: Hesham Issawi