Filmfest 2011

German Age Rating

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HONOUR Muhamad, a 16-year-old German-Palestinian, Christian, a 15-year-old German and Kevin, a 17-year-old German-Ganaian are taking part in anti-violence training. Every sentence, every false look is reason enough for them to 'defend' their reputation and honor. It's about the mothers, the sisters and the wives. The men make the decisions. That is the perceived basis for the identity and self esteem of these young men. A search for identity where it no longer exists. In our society, honor no longer plays a role. But it's coming back - from the fringes. Anti-violence training sessions, group-dynamic exercises in a juvenile detention center, midnight sports. Just some of the places where Aysun Bademsoy is trying to find a new definition of the concept of honor for twenty-first century Germany.

tags: Documentary


Director: Aysun Bademsoy