Filmfest 2011

A picaresque, absurdist narrative in which lugubrious blokes traverse scenic but industry-damaged landscapes populated by weirdos and criminals, where guns and vodka are seldom far from one’s shaky grasp, and where grim, casual violence is juxtaposed with transcendent moments of soulful/despairing contemplation... There’s certainly no hope of quickly summing up the wispy story, involving twentyish lout Egor and his semi-random wanderings in an underpopulated, unspecified, crumbling backwater. Along the way he’s aided/hindered by his bearish old pal Sobokin, played by noted ska-punk star Sergei ‘Shnur’ Shnurov in a performance of magnetically truculent charisma (think Russell Crowe verbally pummelling his way out of a bad Stolichnaya hangover)... Constantly hovering on the brink of caricatured, nihilistic quirkiness but sustaining a generalised air of anything-can-happen nefariousness whose freewheeling rhythms prove quickly intoxicating, TRUCE is a baffling but stimulating cosmic-joke comedy of the very blackest hue.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Ivan Dobronravov, Yuriy Itskov, Sergey Shnurov, Nadezhda Tolubeyeva, Alexey Vertkov


Director: Svetlena Proskurina