The Father of the Murderer
Filmfest 2011

After having killed three people out of the blue, the dreadful deed of 16-year-old Lukas Wesnik plunges his family into crisis. Especially Tom, the father of the murderer, totally withdraws from his family and refuses to even see his son, suffering from not having known anything about him at all. Tom goes on a quest for a motive and maybe a reason for the cold-blooded murder and comes to painful conclusions. Tom blames himself for having failed as a father – but in the end there are no easy answers. Tom and his family have to struggle very hard not to be destroyed by this disaster.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Heino Ferch, Silke Bodenbender, Katharina Wackernagel, Antje Schmidt, Thomas Schendel


Director: Niki Stein