In Another Lifetime
Filmfest 2011

IN ANOTHER LIFETIME April 1945 – the last days of the war. With the SS chain of command in disarray, 20 Hungarian Jews on a death march to the concentration camp in Mauthausen are detained in a barn at the edge of a small village. One of the prisoners, Lou Gandolf, an opera singer from Budapest, decides to persuade the others to put on a performance of the operetta "Wiener Blut" for the couple in whose barn they are being held. For the couple, the encounter with the ill-fated prisoners is a chance to repair their broken marriage. This touching film deals with life, love and music with a good dose of black humor. "In the four days in which the story takes place, the fate of all of the parties involved is renegotiated. As always in times of crisis, the point is which side you are on, if you are still free to make this decision on your own." Elisabeth Scharang

tags: Feature film

Cast: Ursula Strauss, Johannes Krisch, Péter Végh, Orsolya Tóth, Franziska Singer


Director: Elisabeth Scharang