Wader / Wecker - Vater Land
Filmfest 2011

They're senior citizens now but in their primes they were figureheads of the youth movement in the late Sixties and fueled the dreams and desires of an entire generation: Hannes Wader and Konstantin Wecker, two politically oriented German singer/songwriters. For years, Wader, the former communist and alleged RAF sympathizer, did not really hit it off with Wecker, the anarchic hedonist and pacifist. Now, after their respective personal crises, they are touring together: the bard from northern Germany and the baroque Bavarian pianist. Despite their differences, both are vulnerable poets in a society that acts as if it were invulnerable. This film about the coming together of two such contradictory personalities whose music left a significant imprint on the protests of their day is also an important historical account of German popular culture and takes a close look at a country that has experienced as much transformation over the last decades as Wader and Wecker themselves.
With: Konstantin Wecker, Hannes Wader

tags: Documentary


Director: Rudi Gaul