The Sky Above
Filmfest 2011

Dani is a transsexual attending the Federal University of Minas Gerais and is working on her Masters about a hermaphrodite from the 19th Century. Dani survives by working as as a prostitute and by teaching classes about sexuality. Despite all this, she manages to find a way to express herself by writing a virtual love story. She wishes to be validated and loved with no prejudices. Ex-graffiti artist Murari is a Hare Krishna monk. He also works at a call center and in his spare time is devoted to his favorite soccer team, 'Atletico Mineiro'. To him, sex is sacred and he desires infinite love. Lwei is an African with Portuguese roots who is writing several books at the same time, but never finishes any of them. One of these books chronicles his weekly visits to a particular seedy area of the city. He has never held a job and is supported by his mother and ex-wife. He has strong suicidal tendencies. "Even though they don't know each other, they represent several distinct personalities of the same "self". Sérgio Borges

With: Everlyn Barbin, Edjucu Moio, Murari Krishna, Grace Passô

tags: Documentary


Director: Sérgio Borges