I Never Told You
Filmfest 2011

I NEVER TOLD YOU As the divorced mother of a teenage daughter, Carla Schön, a court-employed repo woman, has succeeded in organizing her 'single parent' life. In her mid-forties, she is convinced that she doesn't need anyone – least of all a new man. But then she meets Andi, who has just joined the amateur orchestra in which Carla plays bandoneon. He is the janitor at her daughter's school, so she ignores him at first. He nevertheless manages to arouse her interest. She resists at first, but then she eventually allows herself the luxury of an affair with him. After years of loneliness, she succumbs to her emotions. Andi's past, however, gradually comes to light and Carla must deal with him in her official capacity. Torn between her job and her feelings for Andi, she is forced to make a dramatic decision...

tags: Feature film

Cast: Barbara Auer, Roenald Wiesnekker, Irina Kurbanova, Hansa Czypionka, Monika Baumgartner


Director: Johannes Fabrick