I am Slave
Filmfest 2011

In the Nuba Mountains of Sudan, 12 year old Malia is snatched from the arms of her father during a Muharaleen raid on their village. Beaten and sold into slavery, she spends the next six years of her life working for a Sudanese family, then at 18, Malia is sent to work in London. The city swiftly becomes as much a prison as the home in which she is kept; hidden in plain sight, Malia’s desperate situation goes unnoticed or uncared for by everyone she comes into contact with. Stripped of her passport and living in terror of what might happen to her family in the Sudan should she speak out, Malia is trapped in an unforgiving, alien environment. She has to call on all her strength to make a dramatic escape back to Sudan and to the father who never gave up hope she was alive, and who never stopped searching for her. "Whenever I tell people that I'm working on a film about slavery in London, they all assume that it's set 200 years ago. It's happening now, today.” Producer Andrea Calderwood

tags: Feature film

Cast: Wunmi Mosaku, Isaach De Bankolé, Lubna Azabal, Igal Naor, Hiam Abbass


Director: Gabriel Range