After the Silence
Filmfest 2011

German Age Rating

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AFTER THE SILENCE Two young German filmmakers go to Palestine where, together with Manal, a Palestinian student from Jenin, they try to find out what really happened on March 31, 2002, when Shadi Tobassi, a suicide bomber from Jenin, blew himself up in the Arab-owned Matza Restaurant in Haifa, killing 15 people. Among those killed was Dov Chernobroda, an Israeli architect who had spent his entire life trying to bring about a peaceful settlement between Israel and Palestine. Eight years later, his wife Yaël wants to visit the family of the suicide bomber in Jenin to break down the wall of silence, because her husband would have been the first one to encourage her to do so.

tags: Documentary


Director: Jule Ott, Stephanie Bürger