Alpine Crime Story
Filmfest 2011

When bodies start piling up in a small town in the peaceful foothills of the Bavarian Alps, Inspector Jennerwein of the Munich police is assigned to the case - much too his regret because it's his hometown. There's more than meets the eye in what initially appear to be accidents and Jennerwein's investigation leads him to a shady local undertaker and his wife who, it turns out, are in cahoots with a group of small time Austrian crooks operating a surprisingly lucrative transalpine smuggling ring led by, of all people, Jennerwein's former nemesis, now one of the most powerful men in the region... Both a double-edged whodunit and a witty black comedy set against the magnificent backdrop of the Alps.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Martin Feifel, Andreas Giebel, Gundi Ellert, Jürgen Tonkel, Katharina Marie Schubert


Director: Rainer Kaufmann