The Dark Nest
Filmfest 2011

THE DARK NEST Thirteen-year-old Lydia has disappeared. The following day her body is found in the woods. Everything points to a sexually motivated crime. The townspeople are shocked, especially Lydia’s parents Maria and Mario. But Father Reinberg as well. He is perhaps the last person to have seen Lydia, who had stopped by to pay him a visit on the evening of the crime. The whispering begins, guardedly at first: someone says Lydia was often alone with the priest in his home... Homicide Inspector Esther Fromm knows that Reinberg has a great deal of experience with sex criminals – but could he be a killer himself? Fromm orders a DNA test of all the town’s men. Nerves are raw and Reinberg is drawn deeper and deeper into a morass of suspicion and accusations. He is convinced that the key to the mystery lies in Lydia’s birth – and that he must bring to light a secret that has been poisoning Lydia’s family for as long as the girl lived. He has little time left, however, for he knows what the DNA test will show...

tags: Feature film

Cast: Christian Berkel, Katharina Müller-Elmau, Petra Schmidt-Schaller, Peter Lerchbaumer, Johann von Bülow


Director: Christine Hartmann