Filmfest 2014

German Age Rating

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I wanted Redemption to be intimate, almost confessional, composed exclusively of archive images, many of which are super 8 and therefore convey a unipersonal, anonymous, private dimension… And, simultaneously, I wanted it to be the very opposite of what I just stated.
Miguel Gomes

Please note: This film will be screened with LA JUNGLA INTERIOR.

tags: Essay, Experimental, Politics, Portrait, Current Affairs

Cast: Jaime Pereira, Donatello Brida, Jean-Pierre Rehm, Maren Ade


Screenplay: Miguel Gomes, Mariana Ricardo

Film Editor: João Nicolau, Miguel Gomes, Mariana Ricardo

Producer: Luís Urbano

Production Company: O Som e a Fúria

Co-Producer: Bertrand Scalabre, Jonas Dornbach, Janine Jackowski, Maren Ade, Paolo Benzi

World Sales: The Match Factory GmbH

Distributor: Arsenal Distribution

Director: Miguel Gomes