A Godsend
Filmfest 2014

German Age Rating

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Out of the blue Anna, an actress at a provincial city theater, is fired. Fresh off the stage, she suddenly finds herself at the local unemployment bureau. On the urging of her theater-obsessed case worker, she takes on teaching an acting course for eight 'hard-to-place' welfare recipients – as a compulsory training measure. Overcoming their substantial resistance, Anna forms the frustrated lone wolves into a group and starts to rehearse Antigone with them. This gives new impetus to the participants' own private dramas, while Anna too experiences a sort of 'comeback' for which she is not quite prepared.

tags: Friendship, Comedy, Love, Feature film, Theatre, Economy

Cast: Katharina Marie Schubert, Adam Bousdoukos, Katharina Hauter, Paul Faßnacht, Marion Breckwoldt, Rainer Furch, Maik Solbach, Rick Okon, Canan Kir, Eva Löbau


Screenplay: Oliver Haffner

Director of Photography: Kaspar Kaven

Film Editor: Anja Pohl

Composer: Franz Schubert

Production Designer: Hannes Hartmann, Christine Bentele

Costume Design: Christian Röhrs

Sound: Rüdiger Fleck

Producer: Ingo Fliess

Production Company: if... Productions e.K.

Director: Oliver Haffner