Songs From The Second Floor
Filmfest 2011

In a sour, gray city, filled with pale drunken salarymen and parading flagellants, everything goes wrong, pain is laughed at, businesses fail, traffic seizes up and a girl is made into a human sacrifice to save a corporation. Roy Andersson's SONGS FROM THE SECOND FLOOR is a collision at the intersection of farce and tragedy - the apocalypse as a joke on us... I love this film because it is completely new, starting from a place no other film has started from, proceeding implacably to demonstrate the logic of its despair, arriving at a place of no hope. One rummages for the names of artists to evoke: Bosch, Tati, Kafka, Beckett, Dali. It is "slapstick Ingmar Bergman," says J. Hoberman in the Village Voice. Yes, and tragic Groucho Marx. Double feature with WORLD OF GLORY

tags: Feature film

Cast: Lars Nordh, Stefan Larsson, Torbjörn Fahlström, Luci Vucino, Hanna Eriksson


Director: Roy Andersson