Roy's Commercials
Filmfest 2011

"I've often been criticized for doing commercials, but in my eyes, as long as you accept some kind of market, which I do, you also have to accept advertising. My commercials often take place in ordinary environments with ordinary people and with a splash of humor and distance. I work as meticulously on them as on my feature films... When we built a full size train station for the recording of SONGS FROM THE SECOND FLOOR, a couple passing by looked into the humongous hangar and asked what went on. When they heard we went through all that trouble only to shoot a single movie scene, they couldn’t understand why we didn’t just use a real station instead. They got the answer that this would look much better. They were quiet for a while and then the man asked what would happen in the scene that required such a huge construction. When the answer was that it would feature a man squeezing his finger in the door, the couple left without a word." From an interview with Roy Andersson, Triple feature with SATURDAY OCTOBER 5 and SOMETHING HAPPENED

tags: Documentary


Director: Roy Andersson