You, the Living
Filmfest 2011

You, The Living is the result of seven years of meticulous work in Roy Andersson's Studio 24 in Stockholm, where the most visually aware Swedish director carefully crafted 49 of his 50 living tableaux. Shot with his distinctive monochromatic colour scheme in greys and greens, the characters, representing the whole spectrum of life (whatever age, social or ethnic group), live in an absurd and unsympathetic world where humiliation is tolerated. "No one understands me", shouts a drunken woman in a bar, full of silent witnesses. A nursery teacher cries her eyes out in front of school kids because her husband called her a ‘rag'. A man moans about his financial difficulties while his imposing wife is making love to him. "The characters are very comical and sad at the same time, but life is a tragicomedy," says Andersson. "A film about the vulnerability of human beings." Nordisk Film & TV Fond

tags: Feature film

Cast: Håkan Angser, Eric Bäckman, Patrik Anders Edgren, Björn Englund, Lennart Eriksson


Director: Roy Andersson