Something Happened
Filmfest 2011

Initially commissioned by the Swedish health authorities as an information film on AIDS, but the support was withdrawn when they became aware of the direction the film had taken. Luckily, Andersson was able to finish it, though in a somewhat shorter form than planned and with some delays. P.O.V. No.26 - Commissioned for educational purposes, and unsurprisingly rejected for such, Andersson’s controversial short film – exploring the nature and origins of HIV and AIDS, pouring scorn on theories of its African origins in favour of pointing a finger at American scientists – is a remarkable piece of art; grim, depressing, funny, and as distinctively composed and constructed as any of his better known work. Iain Stott Triple feature with ROYS REKLAM and SATURDAY OCTOBER 5

tags: Short film

Cast: Klas Gösta Olsson, Anne Tubin, Lennart Björklund


Director: Roy Andersson