Swim Little Fish Swim
Filmfest 2014

In a small apartment he shares with his wife Mary, Leeward, an usual and talented musician composes songs with instruments he makes from his three year old daughter's toys. Lilas, a young French video maker, drags her suitcase from artists' squats to hip galleries, hoping to break into the selective contemporary art scene. Their meeting could be the very thing that drives them to make their dreams come true.

"The film encapsulates a true depiction of struggling artists. They are people who have to deal with the constant pressures of reality and the lofty ambitions of their passion. It is a life that does not always end up working out. The film creates an honest picture with honest characters and an honest ending. Where they end up after the credits roll can completely depend on what the audience feels towards art, life, and practicality."
David Tran, sightonsound.org

tags: Relationship, Friendship, Happiness, Feature film

Cast: Dustin Guy Defa, Lola Bessis, Brooke Bloom, Anne Consigny


Screenplay: Lola Bessis, Ruben Amar

Director of Photography: Brett Jutkiewicz

Film Editor: Thomas Marchand

Composer: The Toys and Tiny Instruments, Candace Lee

Production Designer: Yvette Granata

Sound: Arnaud Marten

Producer: Ruben Amar

Production Company: Les Films de la Fusée

Co-Producer: Lola Bessis

World Sales: Jour2fête

Director: Ruben Amar, Lola Bessis