Hotel Nueva Isla
Filmfest 2014

The formerly luxurious Hotel Nueva Isla of Old Havana is now in ruins, but it is home to people living on the fringes of society: Jorge, a retired public servant and two neighbors, Waldo and La Flaca. With almost no contact with the outside world, Jorge resembles a Don Quixote gone astray and definitely forgotten. Day by day his health and body weaken like the walls of Hotel Nueva Isla. Abandoned by his offspring and by the women he was with, his only motivation is to follow a secret revelation he's had for years: he is convinced that somewhere in the dilapidated hotel the former owners hid valuables before fleeing the triumphant victors of the Cuban Revolution. But life inside the ruins has become dangerous and while its other tenants look for a safer place, Jorge decides to stay...

tags: Aging, Documentary, Memories, Latin America, Portrait, Urban

With: Jorge de los Ríos, Josefina Patterson, Waldo Ramírez, Marian Pacheco, Vivian Pacheco


Screenplay: Irene Gutiérrez, Javier Labrador, Lorenzo Mora

Director of Photography: Javier Labrador

Film Editor: Lorenzo Mora

Sound: Carlos García

Producer: José Alayón

Production Company: El Viaje Films

Co-Producer: Claudia Calviño

World Sales: El Viaje Films

Director: Irene Gutiérrez