The White Sport
Filmfest 2011

THE WHITE SPORT The question the filmmaker wishes to explore is if sports and politics don't mix, with the Davis Cup tennis matches between Sweden and Rhodesia as a backdrop. Of course the answer is already given – sports are politics as much as anything that goes down in society as a whole. Naturally, politicians and sports organizers disagree, but a regular but diverse army consisting of angry students, self-righteous liberals and crazed fanatical Maoists set their course toward the small beach resort Båstad. Things get really ugly as the determined demonstrators attempt to stop the match at all costs. THE WHITE SPORT is really down there in the crowd - literally – as the water cannons start spewing and Mao's little red book is waved in frantic aggression. It's got a direct, fist-in-the-crotch approach, with sprawling youthful frustration within and between the frames. You can almost feel this presence when Bo Widerberg, Roy Andersson and the other directors and producers in the collective Grupp 13 charge the local police, motorcycle gangs, racist Rhodesian thugs, lazy power-crazed politicians and conformist working- or middle-class locals. This film is not just a film that documents a riot between leftist students and the police in Båstad – this is the closest anyone has ever gotten in making a documentary about the Paris near-revolution of '68. That is truly revolutionary. Double feature with TO FETCH A BIKE THE WHITE SPORT has no subtitles and will be shown in Swedish. This double feature is therefore free of charge. For technical reasons, however, tickets are only available online in combination with tickets for at least one other screening. Tickets are available at the box office for free. With Olaf Palme, Herman Kling, Rune Johansson, Matts Carlgren, Henri Swaving, Adrian Bay

tags: Documentary


Director: Roy Andersson