Gente De Bien
Filmfest 2014

German Age Rating

The story's emotional center is Eric, a 10-year-old boy sent to live with his impoverished handyman father in a grungy quarter of downtown Bogota. One of his more well-heeled clients is Maria Isabel, a kindly matriarch who takes pity on both Eric and his father, inviting them to stay at her family's luxurious country villa over the Christmas holiday when they would otherwise face eviction. But tensions soon begin to crackle between the rich owners and their poor guests. ... Brayan Santamaria, who plays Eric, is Lolli's secret weapon, giving a superbly naturalistic performance as an innocent young soul slowly waking up to social and economic injustice. His emoting never feels forced or studied, while his conversations with the other child actors have the freewheeling, random texture of observational documentary.
Stephen Dalton,, 18 May 2014

tags: Family, Society, Childhood, Cultural Conflict, Latin America, Feature film

Cast: Brayan Santamarià, Carlos Fernando Perez, Alejandra Borrejo


Screenplay: Franco Lolli, Catherine Paillé, Virginie Legeay

Director of Photography: Oscar Duran

Film Editor: Nicolas Desmaison, Julie Duclaux

Production Designer: Marcella Gomez

Sound: Matthieu Perrot, Josefina Rodriguez, Samuel Aïchoun

Producer: Grégoire Debailly

Production Company: GEKO FILMS

World Sales: Versatile

Director: Franco Lolli