Mysteries of Lisbon
Filmfest 2011

MYSTERIES OF LISBON plunges us into a veritable whirlwind of adventures and escapades, coincidences and revelations, sentiments and violent passions, vengeance, love affairs, all wrapped in a rhapsodic voyage that takes us from Portugal to France, Italy, and as far as Brazil. In this Lisbon of intrigue and hidden identities, we encounter a series of characters all somewhat linked to the destiny of Pedro da Silva, an orphan in a boarding school. Father Dinis, a descendent of the aristocratic libertines, later becomes a hero who defends justice, a countess maddened by her jealousy and set on her vengeance, a prosperous businessman who had mysteriously made his fortune as a bloodthirsty pirate; these and many more all cross in a story set in the 19th century... "…and even when you think you've figured out where Ruiz is heading, he throws yet another curve in its final scene that only adds to the film's multitudinous mysteries of the human heart." Kenji Fujishima, Slant Magazineiers Handling, TIFF

tags: Feature film

Cast: Léa Seydoux, Melvil Poupaud, Clotilde Hesme, Maria João Bastos, Catarina Wallenstein


Director: Raúl Ruiz