Filmfest 2011

Trapped in the world of the "young creative class" in Berlin, where life is your career, love is sexual availability, and happiness is measured by degrees of cynical detachment, Marianne, a thirty-something photographer, begins to look at things anew after discovering she is pregnant. Things go haywire when a model dies after a photo shoot. A hidden world of darkness and disorder, mistrust and lies breaks into the open. Told as a web of interlocking anecdotes, HEADSHOTS charts the course from fragile love to betrayal, from complicity to self-annihilation, and back through twists that are comical, poignant, and ridiculous in a Berlin you have never seen before.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Loretta Pflaum, Samuel Finzi, Laura Tonke, Pascale Schiller, Karlheinz Hackl


Director: Lawrence Tooley