The Homesman
Filmfest 2014

German Age Rating

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Mary Bee Cuddy, 31, lives a solitary existence in a God-fearing mid-western town. She is designated by members of her church to take back East three women who have lost their minds. On the way from Nebraska to Iowa, Mary Bee saves the life of Briggs, a claim-jumper and outlaw. He agrees to help in her mission through snowstorms and perilous encounters with settlers, Indians and the harshness of the Frontier terrain.

"It's a film that is as wistfully beautiful as it is disarmingly strange. What begins as an adventure story, about a brave pioneer woman, Mary Bee, transporting three insane women from their Nebraska territory claims to Iowa, eventually becomes a spirited, mournful meditation on the uses, and futilities, of human resilience against a cruel, capricious world."
Richard Lawson, 18 May 2014

tags: Relationship, Journey, Feature film, Western

Cast: Tommy Lee Jones, Hilary Swank, Grace Gummer, Miranda Otto, Sonja Richter


Screenplay: Kieran Fitzgerald, Tommy Lee Jones, Wesley Oliver, Original von/ by: Glendon Swarthout

Director of Photography: Rodrigo Prieto

Film Editor: Roberto Silvi

Composer: Marco Beltrami

Production Designer: Merideth Boswell

Costume Design: Lahly Poore-Ericson

Sound: David Bach

Producer: Luc Besson

Production Company: EuropaCorp

Co-Producer: Peter Brant, Brian Kennedy

World Sales: EuropaCorp

Distributor: Universum Film Verleih

Director: Tommy Lee Jones