Mamas & Papas
Filmfest 2011

Four couples in the Czech Republic deal with the problems of parenting: when to have a child, whether to have a child, and what to do if you suddenly find you’re going to have a child. Shot chronologically and completely without a script – the actors never knew more than what their own characters knew, never knew what would come next – Alice Nellis has created a beautifully naturalistic atmosphere and coaxed lyric, even poetic, performances from her wonderful cast. Charlie Cockey, Cinequest Filmfestival, San José This ensemble drama vibrates with humor, pathos, and enticing cinematography that complement the sacrifices these couples must make. From the couple that is desperate to conceive to the parents who grieve after the loss of their child, Nellis’ film gives us characters whose stories are compelling, completely familiar and wholly unique. 2011 Dallas International Film Festival

tags: Feature film

Cast: Zuzana Bydzovská, Martha Issová, Zuzana Capková, Fillip Capka


Director: Alice Nellis