Filmfest 2011

ROUGH How do you realize that you cannot feel? That you do not even know what it is like to feel? How does that work? And what do you do if life slips to be slipping away and "carrying on" is just no longer an option? Tania, the woman who asks herself these questions, arrives in a seaside village in the middle of nowhere in northern Germany. A place she has never been. She has a feeling what her problem is, but she has no clue how to solve it, or if there even is even a solution. In the beginning it is just an encounter between her and a teenage boy at the beach – like two people who do not speak the same language but realize that they are alike. Both are underdogs in this village. Both are trapped in the wrong life. In her early twenties, Tania gave her unplanned child away. In retrospect a tragic decision. 'Stealing' the teenage boy she met on the beach seems to be the answer - for both of them...

tags: Feature film

Cast: Birge Schade, Daniel Michel, Anna Stieblich, Kai-Ivo Baulitz


Director: Markus Busch