Kasimir & Karoline
Filmfest 2011

Job gone, BMW-convertible just about... His sudden irrevelency not only damages Kasimir’s pride, it also directly impacts his virility. No work, no sex! Although it’s the last thing on his mind, he agrees to accompany his girlfriend Karoline to Munich’s annual Oktoberfest. After losing Kasimir in the crowd during a stupid argument, a sinister combination of circumstances contrives to push Karoline into the arms of various men. All of them treasure her beauty in one way or another, leaving her to wonder if they, or indeed life, have more to offer than her boyfriend. With every guy Karoline meets, her desire for the things money can´t buy, grows. At the same time, Kasimir’s frustration finds its outlet in the form of jealousy, disorientation and finally violence. Coming to her senses, Karoline tries to rescue their love at the last second. But their 16 hours at the Oktoberfest turn into a horror trip through the night…

tags: Feature film

Cast: Golo Euler, Christina Hecke, Robert Gwisdek, Esther Kuhn, Max Tidof


Director: Ben von Grafenstein