Michel Petrucciani
Filmfest 2011

Afflicted from birth by Brittle Bone Disease, Michel Petrucciani managed to overcome his handicap, becoming a gifted musician of international renown. In this documentary, Michael Radford paints a portrait of this great jazz pianist using interviews, archive films and photos, seeking to understand the nature of creativity. Where does this sublime inspiration come from and how is it brought to light? Cannes 2011 In this documentary, the director of IL POSTINO chooses not to paint a chronological portrait of the musician, preferring instead to concentrate on "the part of humanity" represented by his existence. "Michel symbolises the combat of the human being. It's the combat that consists in overcoming where we start from and in living to the full, getting everything we can out of life." With: Michel Petrucciani, Alexandre Petrucciani, Aldo Romano, Frank Cassenti, Charles Llyod

tags: Documentary


Director: Michael Radford