Filmfest 2011

Pietro lives in an anonymous suburb. His job consists of distributing flyers on streets. His home is a run-down old apartment left to him by his parents, in which he lives with his brother Francesco, his only living relative. Their relationship, however, is anything but easy. Francesco is a drug addict who is dependent on his drug dealer, his pal Niki and his friends. The only way Pietro can connect to his brother seems to be acting like a clown. The stuff he's put through during nights spent at home with his brother is bad but so are the many insults that he has to put up with on the job. A change seems to occur when Pietro meets a girl, someone who may be even more desperate than he is and with whom he slowly starts a different kind of relationship - a relationship with tenderness and compassion. But one evening Pietro introduces the girl to his friends and suddenly the story takes a bad turn with Pietro reacting in a most unexpected way...

tags: Feature film

Cast: Pietro Casella, Francesco Lattarulo, Fabrizio Nicastro, Carlotta Saletti, Diego Canteri


Director: Daniele Gaglianone