And Peace on Earth
Filmfest 2011

AND PEACE ON EARTH In the distant outskirts of Rome, crime and drugs tie several - initially parallel- stories together. Marco goes back home after spending five years in jail. He tries to rebuild a normal life. But then Marco lets his old friends Glauco and Mauro convince him to start dealing again. He starts selling cocaine on the bench of a small park. This spot becomes a sort of island for him because it allows him to observe other people's lives and reflect on his. Sonia is a university student and works in Sergio's gambling club. The efforts she had made to study and become financially independent are all crushed by the cruel reality that surrounds her. Sonia's friendship with Marco is enmeshed with her tiredness and resignation. The third story revolves around three boys: Faustino, Massimo and Federico. They are tied together by a friendship that makes them apparently invulnerable. The exchange of a moped for a bit of cocaine brings the three stories together. Once the main characters meet, they will leave a trail of blood and violence behind them.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Maurizio Tesei, Ughetta D'Onorascenzo, Fabio Gomiero, Germano Gentile


Director: Matteo Botrugno, Daniele Coluccini