Black Field
Filmfest 2011

Set in 1654, when Greece was under Ottoman Empire occupation. A Janissary (a Greek warrior recruited by force at a small age from his Christian family to serve at the Turkish army) arrives seriously wounded at a remote Christian convent. He is nursed by Anthi, a young Greek nun who has taken a vow of silence. They fall in love. But Anthi is tormented by a dark secret that is soon to be revealed: she is, in fact, a boy who grew up as a girl hidden in the monastery... "BLACK FIELD is a cross gender love story of two people with mistaken identities. It is story inspired by true events that transcend time, religion and sexual identity... a dark fairy tale for adults in the tradition of directors like Terrence Malick and Andrei Tarkovsky; it is an archetypal story that uses powerful visuals to depict the sacredness, fear, poetry and beauty that surround human beings and their relationship with nature." Vardis Marinakis

tags: Feature film

Cast: Sofia Georgovassili, Christos Passalis, Despoina Bebedeli, Maria Panourgia, Despoina Kourti


Director: Vardis Marinakis