Mixed Use Zone
Filmfest 2011

A fictional hamlet in rural Bavaria, surrounded by cornfields and shopping malls. After years of globetrotting, rock guitarist Simon returns to his father's farm, which has not been making a profit for a couple of years. Anna, Simon’s sister, has to work as a secretary at a law office to keep the farm running. Her children, Daniel and Marie, do not like farming. Daniel has a job at a local car dealership. Marie is in the midst of puberty. But soon after Simon's return, Marie disappears. The elation of the reunion soon gives way to increasing concern and distrust. Simon quickly realizes that nobody cares about his old role as the cool guitar player.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Michi Marchner, Eva Sixt, Stephan Zinner, Gerhard Wittmann, Rudolf Waldemar Brem


Director: Josef Mayerhofer