A Sad Trumpet Ballad
Filmfest 2011

THE LAST CIRCUS The circus monkeys scream wildly inside their cage while, outside, men kill and die in another circus: The Spanish Civil War. The Stupid Clown, recruited forcefully by the Militia, ends up carrying out a bloodbath with a machete against the National soldiers while still wearing his clown costume. Many years later, during Franco’s time, Javier, son of the clown in the Militia, finds work as the Sad Clown in a circus where he meets an outlandish cast of strange characters such as the Human Cannonball, the Elephant Tamer or a quarrelsome couple of dog trainers. Here he also crosses paths for the first time with Sergio. This is the beginning of the story in which Javier and Sergio, two terrifyingly disfigured clowns, pushed by rage, desperation and lust, battle to the death hoping to win the love of the most beautiful and cruel woman in the circus.

Cast: Carlos Areces, Antonio de la Torre, Carolina Bang, Manuel Tallafé, Sancho Gracia


Director: Àlex de la Iglesia