Gala: Arthur Cohn
Filmfest 2014

German Age Rating

We have the once in a lifetime opportunity to experience international film producer and six-time Oscar winner Arthur Cohn – live.
Arthur Cohn will be granting us extraordinary, very personal insights into a movie making career that has spanned decades.
Just how does Arthur Cohn conjure up such sensitive, extremely poignant films? What is behind his exceptional journey through life? How did Meryl Streep, Al Pacino, William Hurt and Senta Berger join the circle of Cohn's closest friends? What secrets and personal experiences shaped a body of work that is respected around the world?
He'll give us answers to those questions himself in a very special, in-depth and personal way. Arthur Cohn is an artist. He is an unusual producer – he has been known to re-edit films after they have already been shown. Because he never stops dreaming.
Arthur Cohn has been distinguished with the highest decoration for the Arts and Literature from the French Ministry of Culture. He has three honorary PhDs, one of them from Boston University. He has also received the Humanitarian Award from the American Association of Film Critics as well as the UNESCO Award. He won the Berlinale Golden Bear for Best Film twice and the highest distinction at the Venice Film Festival.
The legendary film producer is internationally renowned for his profound and uncompromising films. CENTRAL STATION and THE CHORUS were each nominated twice for Academy Awards, for Best Foreign Language Film and Best Actress/Best Film Music. He will present THE CHILDREN OF HUANG SHI, which was shot in China, in person.

Open to the public. Please be sure to reserve tickets ahead of time online or at the Box Office.

Please note: During Gala: Arthur Cohn (approximately 180 min.) there will be a screening of THE CHILDREN OF HUANG SHI (114 min.).