Filmfest 2011

Twenty-one-year-old Mertkan has a stable but unfulfilling life in Istanbul: living at home with his parents, working as an office boy in his father's construction company, hanging out with his buddies in shopping malls and discos. When he meets Gül, a Kurdish girl from eastern Turkey, awkward Mertkan starts to become a bit more self-confident, and it seems possible that he could break away from his oppressive parents. But Mertkan's domineering father opposes any association with "those people who only want to divide our country". Will Mertkan be strong enough to avoid becoming the kind of man that his father wants him to be? "I feel that architecture is the clothing of a society. The way the city is clothed tells a lot about the place, its inhabitants, and affects their lifestyle, their interactions with fellow inhabitants, their mental attitude and their attitude in life." Seren Yüce

tags: Feature film

Cast: Bartu Kücükcaglayan, Settar Tanriögen, Nihal Koldas, Esme Madra, Ilhan Hacifazlioglu


Director: Seren Yüce