Double Whammy
Filmfest 2011

Ray Pluto is a cop who's the laughingstock of New York City because his back went out while trying to stop a mass murderer - who was then shot by a child. For his back, he gets help from a chiropractor. Meanwhile, a teenager hires thugs to kill her father, who's the super in Ray's apartment building. In the same building, two young men are writing a movie script... "Real violence is a very powerful thing. Entertainment violence has become a very strange thing in film and I wanted to contrast the two. My characters are very real, so that when they are stabbed or attacked it's very shocking. However, some of the other violence in DOUBLE WHAMMY is more ludicrous, because I'm asking, what does it take to get your attention?" Tom DiCillo

tags: Feature film

Cast: Denis Leary, Elizabeth Hurley, Luis Guzmán, Victor Argo, Chris Noth


Director: Tom DiCillo