Boy And The World
Filmfest 2014

Recommended for ages 8 and up

Enter the world of Cuca, a small boy growing up in a simple family in the idyllic Brazilian countryside. Cuca's playful, carefree existence is thrown for a loop when his father quits the rural homestead for the city so that he may provide for his family. Cuca thus embarks on a journey to find his father. As Cuca explores Brazil further, the canvas of THE BOY AND THE WORLD becomes busier and brighter and the sound track becomes fuller and grander, expanding from a mere tune on the flute to a complete celebration of the sounds of Carnival... As the music swells, so too does animation expand into a dazzling palette whose vibrant colors jump off the screen. This new world is marked by industrialization and technology... An imaginatively rendered picture of modernity as seen through the eyes of a child.
Ottawa International Animation Festival 2014

This film will also be screened in the section International Independents. Purchase your tickets HERE.

tags: Animation, Family, Society, Childhood, Road Movie, Feature film

Speaker: Vinicius Garcia, Lu Horta, Marco Aurélio Campos


Screenplay: Alê Abreu

Film Editor: Alê Abreu

Composer: Gustavo Kurlat, Ruben Feffer

Production Designer: Priscilla Kellen

Sound: Marcelo Cyro, Pedro Lima

Producer: Tita Tessler

Production Company: Filme de papel

Co-Producer: Fernanda Carvalho

World Sales: Elo Company

Director: Alê Abreu