A Little Closer
Filmfest 2011

The father figure is essential in every family, not in terms of personification or biology, but in terms of authority or law. Sheryl, a single mother, is carrying the weight of responsibility of raising two sons lifting on her own. Marc (16) her eldest, is discovering sexuality in a fixative way, practically raping his girlfriend, and Stephen (11), her youngest, falls in love with his strict high school teacher. The incapability of Sheryl to occupy both parental roles, drives the members of the family apart. Visual intimacy and realistic performances in Petock's unpretentious debut feature about the everyday struggle of single parents. Nina Veligradi, Indie Lisboa '99

tags: Feature film

Cast: Sayra Player, Parker Lutz, Eric Baskerville, Chris Kies, Catherine Andre


Director: Matthew Petock