Filmfest 2011

A crusty grandmother finds herself in the unlikely role of guardian angel to her rebellious granddaughter, who runs away for the love of a drug dealer and is left like a tender chick at the mercy of hawks. A sense of moody poetry runs through this story that combines the grimness of the underworld with a palpable longing for family. Two parallel stories merge when a shady developer, who has his own strong-willed grandmother hovering not so gently over his life, has a fateful encounter with the runaway. "Wonderful cinematography lends an almost surreal quality to the scenes in which the two women travel the streets of the Iranian capital. In her haunting black chadra, Aziz stands in stark contrast to modern Maryam: they make an odd but very loving couple who bridge the generation gap." Joey Porcelli, Denver Film Society

tags: Feature film

Cast: Ehteram Habibian, Tanaz Tabatabaei, Kobra Hasanzadeh, Reza Davoodnejad, Ali Davoodnejad


Director: Alireza Davoodnejad