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A dark, difficult comedy concerning the middle aged Daniel who returns home to help his elderly parents, Leonard and Maria who live in squalor, eccentrically. He tries and, to an extent, succeeds but he also fails. Maria dies suddenly. Leonard leaves. Daniel returns to London with a new found freedom.

"For the first two weeks of the shoot I struggled with a feeling of madness. I was watching as two actors created personas very similar to my mother and father within the house that was still chockablock with my parent's belongings and life... It was Danny (Cerqueira) who urged that the script go as close to the bone as possible but I was simply not capable of doing this alone. So we began to collaborate... It was only after my mother's death that we could end the script. This rigour was vital. It gave us a script which through its particularity spoke of the universal difficulties of family life..."
Tom Browne

Filmmakers Live with director Tom Browne

tags: Aging, Family, Happiness, Love, Feature film

Cast: Daniel Cerqueira, Richard Johnson, Gemma Jones, Julia Ford


Screenplay: Tom Browne, Daniel Cerqueira

Director of Photography: David Johnson

Film Editor: Joe Randall-Cutler

Composer: Simon Allen

Production Designer: Sarah Kane

Costume Design: Lorraine Sibanda

Sound: Gabriel Sotiry

Producer: Genevieve Stevens

Production Company: Turnchapel Films

Co-Production Company: Rattling Stick

Director: Tom Browne