Post Mortem
Filmfest 2011

Santiago, 1973. Mario Cornejo works at a morgue, typing out reports on autopsies performed by the coroners. On the days before and after the military coup in Chile, he gets involved in a love affair with a dancer from the cabaret Bim Bam Bum. "This is the story of an apparently insignificant and charmless couple. It’s Chile’s story during the military coup. Mario’s ideal of conquering the impossible love of a woman is also the ideal of a nation trying to conquer a noble but unattainable political model (Socialism). All this amid the bodies of those who died as a result of military ideals imposed with no care for their cost or consequences. Set in one of Chile’s darkest and bloodiest periods, Post Mortem weaves together three cinematographic, aesthetic and ethical strands - the testimonial, the historical and the fictional - seeking its poetic rhythm in the confusion, absurdity and aftermath of a journey with no purpose." Pablo Larrain

tags: Feature film

Cast: Alfredo Castro, Antonia Zegers, Amparo Noquera, Jaime Vadell


Director: Pablo Larraín